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Here is a fun valentine’s game for kids. In this activity, students will see some valentine’s day words and pictures and must count how many things there are before the time runs out. This valentines game is great for teaching lessons about valentine’s day to kids and kindergarten/preschool students and can be used in online lessons or in the classroom. This activity is absolutely free to play from this page or from our YouTube channel.

Online Valentine’s Day Game

How To Play

To play this valentine’s day game, simply play the video and PAUSE when you see the pause sign to give students time to answer. First, students will be asked ‘How many hearts?’ and must count the hearts on the screen before the time runs out. Next, students will be asked ‘How many roses?’ and must count the roses before the time runs out. And finally, students will be asked ‘How many balloons?’ and must count the balloons before the time runs out. For each round, there are 3 levels. First, students get 3 seconds, then 2 seconds, and then 1 second to count the valentine’s day objects. This valentine’s day game is great for introducing or reviewing valentine’s vocabulary, counting, and numbers.


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