Classroom Object Worksheets

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On this page you can find a collection of free classroom object worksheets. These worksheets are great for teaching about classroom objects in English to kids and beginner English language learners. All the classroom object worksheets on this page can be downloaded for free as a printable PDF file. See below for the worksheets currently available, and check the bottom of the page for related resources for teaching classroom objects.

Classroom Object Worksheets

Worksheet 1

Classroom Object Worksheet

This first classroom object worksheet is for teaching classroom object vocabulary. It includes 10 classroom object words in English with pictures. To complete the worksheet, students must look at the picture and then write the correct word in the blank space.

Worksheet 2

Classroom Object Worksheet 2

This next classroom object worksheet is great for beginner ESL students to practice reading classroom object words in English. To complete the worksheet, students should look at the picture and then circle the correct spelling of the classroom object word.

Worksheet 3

Classroom Object Word Search

This worksheet is a classroom object word search. It includes 12 different classroom object words and is great for students to review classroom objects vocabulary in English. To complete the worksheet, students should find the words in the grid and then check off the words once they find them.

Worksheet 4

Classroom Object Worksheet 4

This worksheet is great for practicing reading and writing classroom object words. To complete the worksheet, students should unscramble the letters and then write down the correct classroom object word.

Worksheet 5

ESL Board Game - Classroom Objects

This activity worksheet is a classroom objects board game. This game is best played in pairs. To play this game, first download and print the board game and give one to each pair of students. Each student will also need an eraser or something small they can flick with their finger.

The students should take turns flicking their eraser up the board game. If the eraser lands in an area with a classroom objects picture, the students should make a dialogue with that word. For example, “Do you have an eraser? – “Yes, I do.”.

After making a dialogue, the student who flicked the eraser should write his/her name in the area. Then, it is the other student’s turn. After 10 minutes or so, stop the game and the student with the most areas is the winner.

More Resources For Teaching Classroom Objects

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