Days Of The Week Worksheets

Printable worksheets to teach days of the week in English.

All these days of the week worksheets can be downloaded for free and can be used in your English lessons.

See below for the days of the week worksheets and activity handouts currently available.

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Days Of The Week ESL Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Unscramble The Words

Days Of The Week Writing Worksheet

In this worksheet students must unscramble the days of the week and then write them in the correct order.

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Worksheet 2: Writing Practice

To complete this worksheet students should read the day of the week and then fill in the blank spaces under ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ with the correct day of the week.

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Worksheet 3: Reading

Days Of The Week Worksheets

This worksheet has 10 questions about days of the week. Students should read the questions and write the answer in the blank space.

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Worksheet 4: My Week

Days Of The Week Diary Worksheet

This worksheet has 7 blank ‘diary’ pages for each day of the week for students to draw or write about their week.

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Worksheet 5: Activity Cards

Days Of The Week Activity Cards

This worksheet is a set of ‘activity cards’ with days of the week on them. These are great for activities such as ‘find your partner’, matching games, line bingo, and other card games.

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Worksheet 6: Board Game

Days Of The Week board game worksheet

This last worksheet is a printable board game about days of the week. To play each pair of students needs on dice and something small to act as their game piece. Students should take turns rolling the dice and moving their game piece. 

When it lands on a day of the week, the students should make a dialogue. For example, “What day is it today?” – “It’s Monday.”

The first student to make it to the finish line is the winner.

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More Days Of The Week Resources

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