Find Someone Who Worksheets

Free Find Someone Who Worksheets

Download these free ‘Find Someone Who Worksheets‘ and use them in class today. Find Somebody who is a fantastic activity to use as an ice breaker / warm up activity, or as a time filler activity to get students talking in a communicative way. Below, you will find many free ‘find someone who’ worksheets on various different topics. You will also find an editable ‘find someone who’ worksheet template so you can easily add your own sentences and use in any class.

Find Someone Who Worksheets

FInd Somebody Who Worksheet
Find Someone Who Worksheet

How To Play

If you have not tried this activity before, then here is how to play ‘Find Someone Who’ in class:

  • Print and give one ‘Find Someone Who’ worksheet to each student.
  • Tell students that they must walk around the class and talk to their classmates and try to find someone who matches the characteristics described on the worksheet.
  • After finding someone who matches the sentence, students should write that student’s name on the worksheet, plus any other additional details they found out.
  • After five or ten minutes, stop the activity and ask students to share what they found out about their classmates.