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On this page you can find a collection of printable present simple tense worksheets. These present simple tense exercise worksheets are great for kids and beginner English language learners. The worksheets include exercises to practice positive and negative present simple tense with and without be verbs. See below for the present simple tense worksheets currently available to download. And, check out the bottom of the page for related ESL lesson materials.

Present Simple Tense Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Present Simple Tense Exercise (Positive)

Present Tense Exercise Worksheet

This worksheet has is a simple present tense ‘fill in the blank’ exercise. Students should read the sentence and fill in the blank with the correct present simple form.

Worksheet 2: Present Simple Tense Exercise (Negative)

Present Simple Tense Worksheets

This worksheet is to practice the negative form of the present simple tense. Students should read the positive sentence and then change it into a negative sentence.

Worksheet 3: Present Simple Tense With Be (Positive)

Present Simple Tense To Be Worksheet

This exercise worksheet includes 20 sentences with the be verb missing. Students should fill in the blank space with the correct be verb am, are, or is

Worksheet 4: Present Simple Tense With Be (Negative)

Present Simple Tense Negative Worksheet

To complete this worksheet, students must change the present simple sentence into the negative form. All sentences include the verb to be

Worksheet 5: Find Your Partner Cards

Present Simple Activity

This activity worksheet is a set of ‘find your partner’ cards with present simple sentences. Cut out the cards and give to students. They should walk around the class and find their partner. Students with a positive present simple tense sentence should try to find the student with the same sentence in the negative form. These cards can also be used for many other activities, such as line bingo, matching games, etc. 

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