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The ESL worksheets on this page are for English lessons teaching transportation / modes of transport

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ESL Worksheets About Transportation

Worksheet 1: Transportation Spelling Worksheet

ESL transportation worksheet

This simple ESL worksheet is great to practice transportation vocabulary and spelling. 

Students should look at the picture and write the mode of transport in the blank space. 

TIP: If you are teaching kids or very beginner ESL students, and it is too difficult for students to write the correct spelling on their own, write the modes of transport on the board. Then ask students to choose the correct word from the transportation words on the board.

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Worksheet 2: How do you go to school?

ESL Transportation worksheet

To complete this worksheet, students should walk around the class and ask their classmates ‘How do you go to school?’. 

Then students should write their name and the mode of transport on the worksheet to complete the table. 

This activity worksheet is great to encourage students to speak using the target language. 

Tip: After students complete the worksheet, ask individual students how their classmates go to school. For example, ‘How does Sally go to school? – ‘She goes to school by bus.’

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Worksheet 3: Scrambled Up Words

ESL Worksheets Transportation

This transportation vocabulary worksheet asks students to unscramble the letters to spell a mode of transport. 

Then students should connect the word to the correct transportation pictures. 

This worksheet is good for kids and beginner ESL students. 

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Worksheet 4: Transportation Battleships

ESL Worksheet Transportation

This activity worksheet is based on the game ‘Battleships’ and is a game played in pairs.

Students should write 10 modes of transport anywhere in their grid. These are the students’ ‘Battleships‘.

Then, with their partner, students should take turns calling out grid coordinates (e.g. D 4) as they try to find their partner’s battleships. 

If they find one of the battleships (transportation words) then their partner must make a sentence using the word in that square. 

For example, ‘I go to school by (train).’

This is a fun activity worksheet which will get your students talking using the target language.

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Worksheet 5: Transportation Bingo

ESL Worksheet Transportation Bingo

This worksheet is a bingo worksheet to teach transportation vocabulary. 

Students should cut out the transportation pictures and then arrange them in a 3×3 grid. 

Then, as the teacher calls out the words, students can turn over the pictures. Once students have 3 in a line they have bingo. 

TIP: To make the game last a little longer, tell students they must make 2/3 lines of bingo to win. Also, once a student wins, simply turn over the pictures and start again.

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Worksheet 6: Transportation Writing Practice

ESL Transportation Writing Worksheet

This simple worksheet is for beginner ESL students to practice writing the key transportation vocabulary. 

There are 12 modes of transport. Students should write each one 3 times.

This worksheet is great for practicing writing and spelling the different modes of transport in English.

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