Sports Lesson Plan

Fun Sports Lesson Plan

In this fun sports lesson plan, students will learn about different sports in English, play two fun games, and will complete a worksheet to review what they have learned. This sports lesson plan is ideal for kids and beginner English language learners and includes all the necessary materials.

Sports Lesson Plan

1. Warm Up

To start your lesson about sports, first, find out what sports your students already know. A fun way to do this is to act out some sports and ask students to guess what sport you are miming. This is a great way to activate students existing knowledge about sports and to get students warmed up for the lesson.

2. Introduce The Keywords

Sports Lesson PowerPoint

Next, it’s time to introduce the keywords from the lesson. Show students this PowerPoint and have students repeat the keywords after you. Then, ask students to say each word on their own.

3. Introduce The Key Expressions

Once students have practiced the sports vocabulary enough, teach students the target expressions for the lesson. For the purpose of this lesson plan, we will be teaching “Are you good at (soccer)“, “Yes, I am.“, “No, I’m not.“, however, feel free to teach any expressions you like.

After practicing together as a class, practice some more by tossing a soft ball around the class and asking individual students about what sports they are good at. The student with the ball must answer the question, and then that student gets to toss the ball to another student in the class. Continue like this until all students have had a chance to speak.

4. Guessing Game

Next, it’s time to play a fun guessing game. Play the above video in class and ask students to guess what sport it is before the picture is revealed. After each round, pause the video and ask students if they are good at that sport.

5. Pair Work – Board Game

Sports Board Game

Now that students have had lots of practice, they will now work in pairs and practice asking and answering “Are you good at (tennis)?” while playing a fun board game. Download and print this board game and give one to each pair of students. Each student will also need an eraser or something small they can flick with their finger.

Students will take turns flicking their erasers up the board game. If it lands on a sports picture, then they must have a dialogue with their partner about that sport. After the dialogue, the student who flicked the eraser gets to color in that area. The student with the most areas colored in at the end is the winner.

7. Class Survey

Sports Activity

In this final activity, students will walk around the class and survey their classmates about what sports they are good at and not good at. Download and print this worksheet and give one to each student. There are 12 sports on the worksheet and so students must talk to 12 different students about the sports they are good at.

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