Adjective Flashcards For teaching English

Download free printable adjective flashcards for teaching English. Below you will find large and small adjective flashcards plus some fun adjective board games. These are great for teaching English adjectives to kids and beginner ESL students.

Free Adjective Flashcards

Large Flashcards

Adjective Flashcards

This PDF is a set of 8 large adjective flashcards. Adjectives include strong, weak, old, young, fast, slow, clean, and dirty.

Small Flashcards

Small Adjective Flashcards

A set of 8 smaller adjective flashcards for students to hold. These can be used for many card games such as ‘find your partner’, ‘memory games, line bingo, and many more.

Adjective Board Games

Board Game 1

Adjective Printable board game

This board game to teach adjectives is best played in pairs and requires one dice. Students take turns in rolling the dice and moving their game piece. After landing on a square, students should make a sentence based on the image in that square. The aim of the game is to arrive at the center star to win a point. After winning a point, the student goes back to the start and begins again. The student with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. 

Board Game 2 – The Spinner Game

adjective board game

This adjectives board game is best played in pairs. Each pair of students needs one pencil and one paper clip. Place the clip in the middle and place the pencil in the middle of the clip. Then flick the paper clip to make it spin and make a sentence using the target language.

Board Game 3 – Race Around the World

Adjective board game

No Need for Dice! In this adjectives board game students play rock, scissors, paper and ‘race around the world’. One student moves clockwise and one student moves anti-clockwise. Every time the student moves to a new square they should make a sentence using the target language.

Board Game 4 – Flick The Eraser

adjectives board game

This Board Game to teach adjectives is best played in pairs. Each student needs one eraser (or something small and light they can flick). To play, a student should place his / her eraser at the bottom of the board game. Then the student should use his/her finger to flick the eraser. If it lands in one of the hexagons, then the student wins that area and colors it in. 

Next, the students should make a dialogue based on the image in that area, and then its the next student’s turn. At the end of the game, the student with the most areas colored in is the winner.

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