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Number Flashcards | Free PDF Flashcards For Teaching Numbers

Download and print these number flashcards and use them in class today! Below you’ll find a collection of flashcards for teaching numbers to kids and beginner English language learners. As always, these flashcards are FREE to download and use in your lessons.

Number 1 to 10 Flashcards

Number Flashcards 1 to 10

This first PDF is a set of 10 flashcards for teaching numbers 1 to 10. Each flashcard has the number and the spelling with a colorful background.

Number 1 to 20 Flashcards

Number Flashcards 1 to 20

This next PDF includes 20 flashcards for teaching numbers 1 to 20. Each flashcard displays the number and the spelling in English.

Number 1 to 100 Flashcards

Number Flashcards 1 to 100

If you’re teaching big numbers, these number flashcards are ideal. This PDF includes 100 flashcards for teaching numbers 1 to 100 in English. Each flashcard has both the number and the English spelling of that number.

Fun Ways To Use These Number Flashcards

There are lots of ways you can use these number flashcards to make learning numbers exciting and fun for your students. Here are some activity ideas and games you can use when teaching numbers with these flashcards.

Memory Game

Print two sets of the number flashcards and arrange face down on the desk, or attach them to the board. Next, divide the class into two teams and have one student from each team play rock, paper, scissor, to see which team goes first. Now the game can begin.

One student will choose a flashcard and turn it over. Then, they will choose another flashcard. If the numbers match, they get a point. If they don’t match, turn the flashcards back over. Then it’s the next team’s turn.

Walking Dictation

Walking dictation is a classic classroom game that can be used for almost any lesson. To play with these number flashcards, first, divide the class into teams of 3/4. Give each team a whiteboard or a piece of paper to write on. Then, have one student from each team come to the front of the class. Show them one of the number flashcards and then have them walk back to their team and dictate the number to them. The teams must then write down the number as quickly as possible.

Hide And Seek

If you’re teaching young kids, this game is super fun! Ask students to close their eyes, and then hide the number flashcards around the classroom. Next, tell students to open their eyes and try and find one of the flashcards. Once they do, they must shout out that number. For more advanced learners, you can have them make a sentence using that number.


Bingo is the perfect game to play when teaching numbers, as it helps the students with number recognition. Print out some number flashcards and mix them up. Next, have students draw a 3×3 grid and write one number in each square. Now the game can begin.

Choose one of the number flashcards and show it to the class. Students must then check their bingo sheets and if they have that number, they should put a cross through that number. Once students have 3 numbers crossed off in a row, they should shout “Bingo!”

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