How To Play The Four Corners Game

The Four Corners Game is a super fun game that kids, teenagers, and even adults enjoy playing. It is also very versatile and can be easily incorporated into any lesson or used as a fun icebreaker activity. Here’s how to play The Four Corners Game

How To Play The Four Corners Game

1. Name The Four Corners Of The Classroom

The first thing you need to do is give each of the four corners a ‘name’. If you’re using this in a vocabulary lesson, you can name the corners after four keywords from the lesson. For example, if you are teaching the names of colors, then you might call the four corners “red,” “blue,” “green,” and “yellow.”

Alternatively, if you are teaching older students, you might name the four corners after four different answers to a question. See below for some questions you can use.

2. Choose One Corner And Write It Down

Next, choose one corner and write it down on a piece of paper. Make sure not to show students or give them any indication which corner you chose.

3. Give Students 10 Seconds To Move To A Corner

Next, tell students they have 10 seconds to choose one of the four corners and move to that corner. After the 10 seconds, students cannot change corners.

4. Reveal Your Chosen Corner

Next, show/tell students the corner that you chose. Any students that are at that corner are out, and must sit down.

5. Repeat

Play again by choosing another corner and writing it down without showing the students. Give them 10 seconds to move to one of the four corners and then reveal your chosen corner. Students at that corner are out. Keep playing like this until only one student is remaining. That student is the winner!

Four Corner Game Questions

If you want to play this game as an icebreaker activity or to get to know your students, then you’re going to need some Four Corner Game Questions. Here are 30 such questions you can use when playing The Four Corners Game:

  1. What is your favorite season?
    • A. Spring
    • B. Summer
    • C. Autumn
    • D. Winter
  2. Which type of movie do you prefer?
    • A. Comedy
    • B. Horror
    • C. Drama
    • D. Action
  3. What is your dream vacation destination?
    • A. Beach resort
    • B. Mountain retreat
    • C. City exploration
    • D. Jungle adventure
  4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
    • A. Invisibility
    • B. Flight
    • C. Super strength
    • D. Time travel
  5. What’s your favorite type of cuisine?
    • A. Italian
    • B. Chinese
    • C. Mexican
    • D. Indian
  6. Which pet would you prefer to have?
    • A. Dog
    • B. Cat
    • C. Bird
    • D. Fish
  7. What is your favorite hobby?
    • A. Reading
    • B. Sports
    • C. Crafting
    • D. Cooking
  8. What is your preferred mode of transportation?
    • A. Car
    • B. Bicycle
    • C. Train
    • D. Walking
  9. What is your preferred time of day?
    • A. Morning
    • B. Afternoon
    • C. Evening
    • D. Night
  10. What type of music do you like?
    • A. Rock
    • B. Pop
    • C. Classical
    • D. Jazz
  11. What is your preferred beverage?
    • A. Coffee
    • B. Tea
    • C. Soda
    • D. Water
  12. Which type of book do you enjoy reading most?
    • A. Mystery
    • B. Science Fiction
    • C. Fantasy
    • D. Biography
  13. What’s your favorite type of exercise?
    • A. Running
    • B. Yoga
    • C. Weightlifting
    • D. Swimming
  14. Choose a dream home location:
    • A. Countryside
    • B. Beachfront
    • C. City center
    • D. Mountains
  15. Which type of sports do you prefer?
    • A. Winter sports (e.g., skiing)
    • B. Summer sports (e.g., surfing)
    • C. Spring sports (e.g., hiking)
    • D. Indoor sports (e.g., gym)
  16. What kind of weather do you prefer?
    • A. Sunny
    • B. Rainy
    • C. Snowy
    • D. Windy
  17. If you could learn a new skill, what would it be?
    • A. Playing a musical instrument
    • B. Speaking a new language
    • C. Cooking gourmet meals
    • D. Photography
  18. Which dessert do you prefer?
    • A. Cake
    • B. Ice Cream
    • C. Fruit
    • D. Chocolate
  19. What’s your preferred social media platform?
    • A. Instagram
    • B. Twitter
    • C. Facebook
    • D. TikTok
  20. Choose your favorite time period to live in:
    • A. Ancient times
    • B. Middle Ages
    • C. 19th Century
    • D. Future
  21. Which type of landscape do you prefer?
    • A. Beaches
    • B. Forests
    • C. Deserts
    • D. Mountains
  22. What is your favorite type of restaurant?
    • A. Fast food
    • B. Casual dining
    • C. Fine dining
    • D. Street food stalls
  23. Choose a favorite historical era:
    • A. Ancient Egypt
    • B. Renaissance
    • C. Victorian Era
    • D. Roaring Twenties
  24. Which is your favorite genre of television shows?
    • A. Reality TV
    • B. Sitcoms
    • C. Documentaries
    • D. Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  25. If you could pick a new hobby, what would it be?
    • A. Gardening
    • B. Painting
    • C. Woodworking
    • D. Dancing
  26. What type of vacation do you prefer?
    • A. Adventure and exploration
    • B. Relaxation and spa
    • C. Cultural and historical tours
    • D. Nature and wildlife
  27. Which is your favorite type of game?
    • A. Board games
    • B. Video games
    • C. Card games
    • D. Sports
  28. Choose a favorite season for fashion:
    • A. Spring
    • B. Summer
    • C. Autumn
    • D. Winter
  29. What’s your preferred form of art?
    • A. Painting and Drawing
    • B. Sculpture
    • C. Photography
    • D. Digital Art
  30. Which mode of transportation do you find most enjoyable?
    • A. Driving
    • B. Sailing
    • C. Flying
    • D. Train travel

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