Things That Come In Pairs

Things That Come In Pairs

English language learners often make mistakes when talking about things that come in pairs. This is likely due to the different way that pairs of things are treated in their native language.

For example, you might hear students say ‘a shorts’, ‘sunglass’, etc.

To help students and teachers out, we have put together this list of things that come in pairs.

List Of Things That Come In Pairs

  • scissors / a pair of scissors
  • glasses / a pair of glasses
  • sunglasses / a pair of sunglasses
  • goggles / a pair of goggles
  • binoculars / a pair of binoculars
  • shorts / a pair of shorts
  • pants / a pair of pants
  • trousers / a pair of trousers
  • jeans / a pair of jeans
  • pajamas / a pair of pajamas
  • underwear / a pair of underwear
  • knickers / a pair of knickers
  • leggings / a pair of leggings
  • tights / a pair of tights
  • stockings / a pair of stockings
  • socks / a pair of socks
  • shoes / a pair of shoes
  • wellies / a pair of wellies
  • boots / a pair of boots
  • sandals / a pair of sandals
  • gloves / a pair of gloves
  • earrings / a pair of earrings
  • earphones / a pair of earphones
  • headphones / a pair of headphones
  • earmuffs / a pair of earmuffs
  • pliers / a pair of pliers
  • shears / a pair of shears
  • tongs / a pair of tongs
  • clippers / a pair of clippers
  • tweezers / a pair of tweezers
  • handcuffs / a pair of handcuffs
  • chopsticks / a pair of chopsticks
  • roller skates / a pair of roller skates
  • ice skates / a pair of ice skates
  • skis / a pair of skis
  • handlebars / a pair of handlebars

Things That Come In Pairs Poster

To help students learn the things that come in pairs, here is a free classroom poster you can download and print.

Things That Come In Pairs

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