Past Tense Verbs Activity | ESL GAME

Teach the Past Tense and Past Tense Verbs with this fun ESL Classroom Game. In this ‘Hidden Picture’ game students must guess what the image is as it is slowly revealed, and then make a past tense sentence. This ESL activity is great for practicing expressions such as ‘What did you do yesterday?’ – ‘I went to the park.’, ‘What did you do last weekend?’, – ‘I played with my friends.’, etc.

Past Tense Verbs Activity

How To Play

Students will first see a present tense verb and a past tense verb. Then they will see a past tense sentence with the object of the sentence missing. Next, students will see a picture of the object hidden behind colored shapes. Students must guess what it is and make a past tense sentence using that word. PAUSE THE VIDEO when your students are ready to guess.

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