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ESL worksheets to teach the past tense to English language learners. These worksheets include past tense verbs worksheets, irregular past tense worksheets, past tense sentence worksheets, and past tense activity worksheets. All of these worksheets are FREE. See below to download worksheets about past tense that are currently available. And check out the bottom of this page for other FREE resources to teach ESL lessons about the past tense.

Past Tense Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Past Tense Questions

ESL Past Tense Worksheets

In this worksheets students should read the questions and answer using past tense verbs and sentences. This worksheet is a great review activity to practice writing past tense sentences.

Worksheet 2: Irregular Verbs

ESL Past Tense Worksheet Irregular Verbs

This past tense ESL worksheet is for students to practice writing irregular past tense verbs. Students will see the present tense of an irregular verb and must write the past tense form.

Worksheet 3: Past Tense Verb Matching

ESL Past Tense Worksheet

To complete this past tense worksheet students must look at the present tense verb and match it to the correct past tense verb. Includes both regular and irregular past tense verbs.

Worksheet 4: Past Tense Battleships Activity

Past Tense Worksheet Activity

This worksheet is a past tense activity / game based on the Battleships game. Students must write 10 past tense verbs in the grid. These are the students’ ‘Battleships’. Then students will take turns calling out grid coordinates with their partner to try to find the Battleships (verbs). If a student finds one of the ‘Battleships’ then that student must make a sentence using the past tense verb in that area. The first student to find all 10 past tense verbs is the winner.

Worksheet 5: What did You Do Last Weekend?

ESL Past Tense Worksheet

This past tense worksheet is a writing worksheet for students to practice writing sentences using the past tense. Students are asked to share five things that they did last weekend.

Worksheet 6: Past Simple Irregular Verbs- Grammar Exercises

Past Simple Irregular Verbs Worksheet

These two worksheets are grammar exercises to practice past simple irregular verbs. Students must change the irregular verb into the simple past tense. There are two worksheets, both with 15 questions.

More ESL Resources To Teach The Past Tense

Click on the links below to check out our other FREE resources for teaching English lessons about the past tense. 

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