Big And Small Worksheets

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Here you can find a collection of free big and small worksheets for kids and beginner English language learners. These big and small worksheets include activity worksheets and worksheets to compare the size of things while learning the words big and small.

These worksheets a suitable for kids and beginner English learners and can be downloaded for free as a printable PDF file. See below for the worksheets that are currently available, and for related resources for teaching about the adjectives big and small in English.

Big and Small Worksheets

Worksheet 1

Big and Small Worksheets

This first big and small worksheet includes pictures of big and small things. Students must read the word big or small and then circle the correct picture.

Worksheet 2

Big and Small Worksheet 3

This next worksheet is another big and small worksheet for kids. This worksheet is a listening activity to teach big and small. The teacher should say a sentence and the students should check the correct box. For example, the teacher might say “There is a big cat.” and the students should check the box next to the big cat picture.

Worksheet 3

Big and Small activity worksheet

This big and small worksheet is a fun drawing activity. To complete the activity, students should first write the words ‘big’ or ‘small’ in the boxes next to the parts of the body words. For example, a student might write ‘Big head, small eyes, small ears, big mouth, big teeth.

Once students have written big or small in the boxes, they should then draw a silly face based on what they wrote. This worksheet is a really fun activity to teach big and small to kids. Kids really love drawing silly pictures and sharing their drawings with their friends. After students have finished their drawings, why not show the pictures to the class and practice saying the key expressions (e.g. big eyes, small mouth, etc).

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