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Download PDF worksheets for English lessons about comparative adjectives. The below ESL worksheets include comparative adjective exercises, writing practice worksheets, and a comparatives quiz worksheet. These are perfect for kids and beginner English language learners. See below to download the PDF worksheets currently available. 

And check out the bottom of this page for other FREE resources to teach comparatives in English.

Comparative Adjective Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Fill In The Blank Exercise

Comparative Adjectives Worksheet

This first worksheet is a fill in the blank exercise to practice using comparative adjectives. There are 15 questions. Students are shown the adjective and must change it into the comparative form to complete the sentence.

Worksheet 2: Comparatives Writing Worksheet

Comparative Writing Practice Worksheet

This worksheet is a writing practice worksheet with many comparative adjectives. Students should write each comparative three times.

Worksheet 3: Comparative and Superlative Exercise

Comparative And Superlative Exercise

In this worksheet students should change the adjective into the comparative and superlative form and complete the table.

Worksheet 4: Comparatives Quiz With Answers

Comparatives Quiz Worksheet

This worksheet is a comparatives quiz with answers. Students should read the question and then write down their answer using a comparative sentence. Then, when students have finished, the teacher can reveal the answers and check if they guessed correctly.

Worksheet 5: Comparative Words

Comparative Adjectives Worksheet

To complete this comparative adjective worksheet students should connect the adjective to the correct comparative form. 

Worksheet 6: Find Your Partner Cards

Comparatives Activity Worksheet

This activity worksheet is a set of ‘Find Your Partner’ cards for a fun and easy classroom activity. Cut up the cards and give one to each student. Some students will have an adjective card and some students will have the comparative adjective card. Students should walk around the class and find the matching pair of cards. The cards on this activity worksheet can be used for many other comparative games such as a matching game / memory game, line bingo, etc.

More ESL Resources To Teach Comparatives

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