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Fall Worksheets | Autumn Worksheets

On this page you can find a collection of fall worksheets. These worksheets are for teaching kids and beginner ESL students about fall and fall vocabulary.

Each of these fall worksheets / autumn worksheets can be download for free as a printable PDF file.

See below for the all worksheets currently available to download.

Fall Worksheets

Worksheet 1

Fall Worksheets

This first fall worksheet is for teaching fall vocabulary in English. There are 10 fall words with pictures. Next to each picture is two words. To complete this worksheet, students should circle the correct spelling of the word.

This worksheet is suitable for kids and beginner ESL students to learn words about fall.

Worksheet 2

Fall Worksheet

This next fall worksheet is a writing worksheet to practice writing fall words in English. There are 10 pictures of fall related things. To complete the worksheet, students should find the correct word from the box at the top and then write it next to the correct picture.

Fall words in include, leaf, leaves, brown, orange, pumpkin, chestnut, acorn, squirrel, hay, and tree.

Worksheet 3

Fall Worksheet 3

This worksheet includes 10 fall words which have been jumbled up. Students should unscramble the letters to make a fall word.

Then, students should write the correct spelling of the fall word in the box provided.

This fall worksheet is great for kids and beginner students to practice spelling fall words correctly.

Worksheet 4

Fall Word Search

This printable fall worksheet is a fall word search. To complete the word search, students should find the fall words in the grid. Then, students should check off the fall words as they find them.