Months Of The Year Worksheets

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Teach months of the year in English with these months of the year worksheets. These worksheets are great for kids and beginner English language learners when learning months of the year. All these worksheets are FREE. See below for the months worksheets that are currently available to download.

Months of The Year Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Answer The Question

Months Of The Year Worksheet

To complete this worksheet students should read the questions and then write the correct month of the year in the box provided. There are 10 questions.

Worksheet 2: Unscramble The Words

Months Of The Year worksheet - Unscramble The Words

In this worksheet, students are asked to first unscramble the word and then write the months of the year in the correct order.

Worksheet 3: Birthday Calendar

Months of the year calendar worksheet

This months worksheet is great to practice speaking and writing the months of the year. Students should talk with their classmates and ask them when their birthday is. Then they should write their names and birthdays under the correct month to complete the worksheet.

Worksheet 4: Unscramble The Word

Months Of The year word search

This worksheet is a simple months of the year word search. 

Worksheet 5: Activity Cards

Months of The year worksheet - activity cards

This worksheet is a set of printable activity cards about months of the year. These are great for activities such as ‘find your partner’, matching games, line bingo, etc. 

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