Present Continuous Worksheets

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Teach the present continuous tense (present progressive tense) with these present continuous worksheets. The worksheets on this page include writing worksheets, activity worksheets, and exercise worksheets for lessons about the present continuous tense. See below to download the PDF worksheets that are currently available to download. And check out the bottom of this page for other FREE resources to teach the present continuous tense.

Present Continuous Tense Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Writing Practice

Present continuous writing worksheet

This first worksheet includes many verbs in the present continuous form. Students must write each verb 3 times. This is useful to practice writing and spelling present continuous verbs.

Worksheet 2: Connect the Dots

Present Continuous Verbs Worksheet

In this worksheet students must read the present tense verb and then connect it to the correct present continuous form.

Worksheet 3: Present Continuous Questions

Present Continuous Questions Worksheet

To complete this worksheet students should read the sentence and imagine that the sentence is describing now. Then they should imaging what they would be doing in that situation and answer the question ‘What are you doing?’ while using the present continuous tense.

Worksheet 4: Fill In The Blanks

Present Continuous Exercise Worksheet

This present continuous exercise worksheet asks students to fill in the blank spaces with the correct verb form. All sentences on this worksheet include the present continuous tense in the positive form.

Worksheet 5: Negative Sentences

Present Continuous Exercise worksheet negative sentences

In this worksheet students should change the present continuous sentence into the negative form. 

Worksheet 6: Bingo

Present Continuous Worksheets

This worksheet is a bingo activity worksheet with present progressive tense verbs. Students should cut out and arrange the pictures in a 3×3 grid. Then the bingo game can start. After playing the game one time, simply ask students to rearrange the cards to play again.

Worksheet 7: Information Gap Activity

Present Continuous Information Gap Worksheet

This is an ‘information gap’ activity worksheet. There are 2 different pages. One for Student A and one for Student B. The students should ask and answer questions in the present continuous form to complete the table. For example, Student A’s worksheet does not show what Sally is doing, so Student A would ask ‘What’s Sally doing?‘. Then Student B would look at their worksheet and answer. 

Worksheet 8: Find Your Partner Cards

Present Continuous Find Your Partner Activity

This last worksheet is a set of ‘Find Your Partner’ cards. There are 16 cards. Cut up the cards and give one to each student. Then students should walk around the class and find their partner. Students must find the matching question and answer pairs. For example, a student with ‘What is he doing?’ on their card should find someone with ‘He is listening to music.‘ Once they find their partner they should sit down. 

More ESL Resources To Teach The Present Continuous Tense

Click on the links below to check out our other FREE resources for teaching English lessons about the present continuous tense. 

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