Adjectives Lesson Plan

Adjectives Lesson Plan

In this adjectives lesson plan, students will learn what adjectives are and will learn adjectives to describe objects and to describe people. Once students have an understanding about what adjectives are and have learned some adjectives, they will play 2 fun activities and complete an adjectives worksheet. This adjectives lesson plan is ideal for teaching adjectives in English to kids and beginner English language learners. All the materials needed for this adjectives lesson plan are included below.

Adjectives Lesson Plan

1. Warm Up

A fun way to warm up the class and introduce the concept of adjectives is to draw a silly face on the board. Draw a face with big head, small eyes, big ears, a small nose, etc. Next, ask students questions about the silly face to elicit some adjectives. For example, you can point to the eyes and ask “Does he have big eyes or small eyes?”. Do the same for the other parts of the face and elicit more adjectives. Next, do the same with other objects around the classroom. For example, you can pick up a blue pen and ask students “Is it red or blue?”, “Is it big or small?”, etc. Once you have practiced enough, briefly explain to students that these words that describe things are adjectives, and they are the words you will be learning today.

2. Introduce New Adjectives

Small Adjective Flashcards

Now that students have an understanding of what they will learn today, it’s time to introduce the new adjectives that they will learn. Show students these flashcards, or make your own, and ask students to repeat after you. Next, ask students to say each word on their own. Once students have practiced saying the adjectives enough, practice making full sentences using the adjectives. For example, “He is strong.”, “They are young.”, etc.

Once students have practiced enough, it’s time to do a fun activity to practice some more. Choose one of the flashcards without showing the students, and then act out the adjective which is on the card. Ask students to try to guess what adjective you are portraying. Once a student guesses correctly, invite that student to come and choose the next card and act it out. This activity is great way to encourage students to recall the adjectives that they just learned.

3. Play An Adjective Board Game

Adjective board game

Now that students have practiced making sentences with adjectives, it’s time to play a fun board game. Print out this board game and provide one for each pair of students. Each student will also need an eraser, or something small, to act as their game piece. The aim of the game is get all the way around the world. One student will go clockwise, and one student will go anti-clockwise. To begin, students should play Rock, Scissors, Paper, and the winner can move their eraser to the next square. Then, the students should look at the adjective picture in that square and make a dialogue with their partner. For example, “Is he weak?”, “No, he is strong.”.

Then, the students should again play Rock, Scissors, Paper, and the winner should move their eraser to the next square and make a dialogue with their partner using the adjective. The first student to make it all the way around the world is the winner. Visit our printable board games page to download more free board games and board game templates.

4. Complete An Adjective Worksheet

Adjectives Worksheets

Next, it’s time for students to learn more adjectives and to practice writing adjectives with this worksheet. Print out this adjectives worksheet and give one to each student. To complete the worksheet, students should look at the picture and choose the best adjective to describe it from the box at the top. For students who finish the worksheet early, why not ask them to make a full sentence with the adjectives on the worksheet. Check out our adjectives worksheet page for more free adjective worksheets.

5. Do An Adjectives Quiz

The final activity in this adjectives lesson plan is a fun adjectives quiz. To play, simply show the video in class. There are 10 questions and each question will show students a picture and a sentence with the adjective missing. Students should choose the best adjective to complete the sentence. You can also find complete this adjectives quiz online.

6. Review

A great way to review any lesson about adjectives is to ask students to use what they have learned to describe objects in the classroom. Ask students to line up at the door and before they leave, show each student an object and ask them to make a sentence describing that object in English.

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