Classroom Objects Lesson Plan

Classroom Objects Lesson Plan

In this classroom objects lesson plan, students will learn the names of 8 classroom objects, play a fun activity, and will complete a worksheet to practice naming objects in their classroom. This classroom objects lesson is ideal for kids and beginner English language learners and is complete with all the materials you need.

Classroom Objects Lesson Plan

1. Warm Up

A great way to begin your classroom objects lesson is to listen to a fun classroom objects song. There are many songs on YouTube about classroom objects. This song by English Tree TV is super fun for kids. Play the song in class and ask students to listen and try to remember some of the words. After listening to the song, ask students what words they remember and ask them if they know any other classroom object words. Listening to a fun song and asking students to tell you what words they already know is a great way to warm up and to activate their existing knowledge about classroom objects in English.

2. Introduce The Key Words

Classroom Objects Flashcards

Next, it’s time to introduce the key words from the lesson. Using these classroom object flashcards, ask students to repeat after you. Then ask students to say each word on their own. Hold up a flashcard and ask students “What is it?” or “What can you see?”, and ask students to answer using a full sentence. For example, “It’s a book.”, “I can see a chair.”, etc.

Once students have practiced enough, you can play a fun flashcard game to practice these classroom object words. Choose one of the flashcards and hold it so that the students can not see what it is. Ask them to try to guess what flashcard you are holding. This activity is a great way to encourage students to try and remember the 8 classroom object words they just learned. When a student guesses correctly, invite that student to the front of the class to choose the next card.

3. Classroom Objects Guessing Game

Now that students have learned some classroom object words, it’s time for a fun activity. This activity is a fun classroom objects guessing game in which students must try to guess the word. There are 10 rounds and in each round students will see a picture of a classroom object hidden behind some colored shapes. As the shapes disappear, students should raise their hands and try to guess what classroom object it is. When students guess, encourage them to use the target expression from the lesson. For example, the teacher can ask “What is it?”, “What can you see?” and students can answer “It’s a chair.”, “I can see a book.”, etc.

4. Classroom Objects Board Game

Classroom Objects Board Game

Next, it’s time for a fun classroom objects board game. To play, download and print this board game and give one to each pair of students. Each pair of students will also need one dice, and something small, such as an eraser, to act as their game piece. To begin, students should place their eraser on the start square and play Rock, Scissors, Paper to see who goes first. Then, one student should role the dice and move their eraser. If they land on a square with a classroom object picture, they should make a dialogue with their partner. For example, “What is it?”, “It’s a pencil.”.

Then it’s the other student’s turn to role the dice. The aim of the game is to get to the center star to win a point. The only way to get to the center star is to land on the yellow arrows in the middle. When a student makes it to the center star, they win 1 point and then move back to the start to begin again. After 10 minutes or so, stop the game and the student with the most points is the winner. For more board games and flashcards like this check out our classroom objects flashcards and board games page.

5. Classroom Objects Worksheet

Classroom Object Worksheet

To reinforce what students have learned, and to practice writing the names of classroom object in English, students can complete this worksheet. To complete the worksheet, students should look at the pictures and then write the correct classroom object word in the blank space. For more worksheets like this, check out our classroom objects worksheets page.

6. Review

Finally, it’s time to review. A super fun way to review a classroom objects lesson is to play the game ‘I Spy’. Look around the classroom and choose an object you can see, but don’t tell the students. Give students a clue as to what object you are thinking of by telling them the first letter by saying “I spy with my little eye something beginning with (b).” Then, ask students to guess what classroom object you are thinking of. If a student guesses correctly, ask that student to choose the next object and play again.

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