Farm Animals For Kids

Farm Animals For Kids | A Complete Lesson Plan

In this farm animals lesson plan, students will learn the names of farm animals in English. This lesson plan is suitable for lessons teaching farm animals to kids. The below lesson plan is complete with all the games, activities, and resources you need to teach farm animals to kids.

Farm Animals Lesson Plan

Warm Up

Young children and kids in kindergarten/preschool are likely to be familiar with some animals and animal names. They may even know that some animals can be found on a farm, and other animals, such as zoo animals, are not usually found on a farm. To warm up and activate students’ existing knowledge about animals, ask students to tell you what animals they already know and write the animal names on the board.

Next, ask students to identify which of the animals that you have written on the board can be found on a farm. Then, ask students again if they can think of any more farm animals. A fun way to elicit the farm animal names from students is to make the farm animal sounds and ask students to guess what animal it is. For example, you might make the sound “moo” to elicit ‘cow’, or “oink” to elicit ‘pig’.

Once you have a list of farm animals on the board that students already know, it’s time to listen to a fun farm animals song. This song by Super Simple Songs is a great ‘Old Macdonald’ song to learn the farm animal names and sounds.


Next it’s time to practice saying the names of farm animals in English. Using the below farm animals PowerPoint, say the names of the farm animals out loud and ask students to repeat after you. Then, ask students to say each farm animal name on their own. Once students can say the farm animals on their own, practice making sentences with the farm animal names. The particular sentences you make will depend on the target language of your lesson. For example, you could ask them “What’s this/that?” and they can answer “It’s a pig.”, or “Look! A cow!”, etc.

Farm Animal Sounds Activity

Now that students have practiced saying the farm animal names and making sentences, it’s time for a fun farm animals game. This activity requires no preparation, and kids, especially preschool/kindergarten kids, really enjoy it. To begin, ask students to make a circle (or if students are sat at desks, show them the order in which they will take turns).

Then, tell students that you will say an animal name and they should all make the animal sound. For example, the teacher would say “A cow goes….” and all the students should shout “Moo!!”. Next, tell students that they will take turns saying “A (pig) goes….” and the rest of the class should make the animal sound. If a student repeats an animal that has already been said, then that student must do a fun forfeit like a silly dance, run around the circle, etc.

Duck Duck Goose

This next activity is a fun game you can play when teaching farm animals to kids. If you’re not familiar with the game Duck Duck Goose, here’s how to play. Ask students to sit in a circle and choose one student to be ‘it’. That student will walk around the circle touching the students on the head and saying ‘duck’.

At some point, that student can choose another student by touching them on the head and saying ‘goose’. At which point, the ‘goose’ would jump up and race the other student around the circle and try to get to the empty space and sit down first. The student who is still standing after the race is ‘it’ and must walk around the circle touching students on the head and saying ‘duck’ and then choosing another ‘goose’ to race against.

This fun game can be adjusted to practice the names and sounds of farm animals. After playing a few rounds of Duck Duck Goose, ask students to give you the names of two other farm animals (for instance ‘cow’ and ‘pig’). Tell the students to use ‘cow’ instead of ‘duck’ and ‘pig’ instead of ‘goose’. To make it even more fun, ask students to make the animal sound when they are touched on the head.

After a few rounds you can change the names of the farm animals again. This farm animals game is a super fun way to practice the names and sounds of farm animals while allowing students to be active.

Review: Guess The Farm Animal Game

To wrap up this farm animals lesson, here is a fun farm animals game. Students will see some pictures of farm animals hidden behind some bails of hay. As the bails of hay disappear, students should try to guess what farm animal it is. This farm animals game uses the expressions “What is it?”, “It’s a (duck).”

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