Feelings Lesson Plan

Teaching Feelings And Emotions Lesson Plan

Teaching feelings and emotions in English? Then check out this free feelings and emotions lesson plan. In this lesson, students will learn the names of feelings and emotions and how to ask and answer “How are you?”. This lesson is suitable for teaching kids and beginner English language learners. All the materials you need for this lesson are included in the box below.

Teaching Feelings And Emotions

Warm Up

A great way to start a lesson when teaching feelings is with a fun warm-up activity. Students may already know some feelings in English and this first activity will help you to see what words students already know while activating their existing knowledge of feelings in English.

Start by drawing a big circle on the board and then start to slowly draw a nose and eyes and other features of a face. As you are drawing, encourage students to guess what it is. Once students have guessed that you are drawing a face, draw a big smile on the face and ask students to all make the same expression. Say “Happy” out loud and ask students to repeat after you. Next, erase the big smile and replace it with a frown. Ask students to make the same face and elicit the word “Sad” from students.

Continue with other feelings such as angry, hungry, thirsty, etc, and see how many feelings students already know. Next, it’s time to introduce the keywords and expressions for the lesson.

Introduce Keywords And Expressions

Feelings Flashcards
Feelings Flashcards

Using these feelings flashcards, say each feeling out loud and ask your students to repeat after you. Next, have them say each of the feelings on their own. Once students have practiced enough, introduce the question “How are you?” and the answer “I’m happy.“.

A great way to do this is to ask the whole class to ask you “How are you?” and then answer by choosing a feelings flashcard at random and then saying the answer while acting out that feeling. Once students get the idea, invite some students up to the front and have them choose a flashcard each at random. Then have the whole class ask them “How are you?” and the students can answer and act out the feelings on the flashcards.

Feelings Guessing Game

Game For Teaching Feelings

Now that students have practiced asking and answering “How are you?”, it’s time for a fun game. In this game, students will have a 50/50 chance to guess the feeling correctly. Watch the video above to see how to play.

Feelings Worksheet

Feelings Worksheet
Worksheet For Teaching Feelings

Next, it’s time to reinforce what students have learned with this fun worksheet for teaching feelings. On the worksheet, there are 8 blank faces with the feelings and emotions written below. Students must read the word and then draw the corresponding feeling on the blank face. And then finally, students should write and draw how they are feeling today.


Finally, it’s time to wrap up the lesson with a fun review activity. First, using the printable flashcards from before, review the keywords and expressions from the lesson. Then, with a soft ball, toss the ball to one of the students. Ask that student “How are you?” and they should answer. Then, that student should toss the ball to another student and ask him/her “How are you?”. Repeat, until all students have had a chance to answer.

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