Feelings And Emotions in English

Useful List Of Feelings And Emotions In English

Teach vocabulary to do with feelings with this useful list of feelings and emotions in English. One of the first things English language students learn is how to ask ‘How are you?’ and to answer by describing how they are feeling. Beginner learners often learn feelings such as ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘hungry’, ‘tired’, etc, but there are so many more feelings and emotions in English. Below you will find a list of feelings and emotions with pictures and example sentences. You’ll be able to download this list of feelings as a printable PDF and will find other free resources for teaching English lessons about feelings in English.

Feelings And Emotions In English

Feelings And Emotions List

Here is a list of feelings and emotions in English that you can use to describe how you are feeling. For convenience, we have put similar feelings words close to each other on the list. You can also download this list of feelings and emotions as a printable PDF.

  • happy
  • good
  • great
  • jolly
  • merry
  • joyful
  • delighted
  • sad
  • unhappy
  • depressed
  • down
  • miserable
  • angry
  • annoyed
  • cross
  • frustrated
  • irritated
  • tired
  • sleepy
  • exhausted
  • drowsy
  • drained
  • fatigued
  • worn out
  • hungry
  • starving
  • famished
  • peckish
  • thirsty
  • parched
  • dehydrated
  • sick
  • ill
  • unwell
  • poorly
  • under the weather
  • scared
  • frightened
  • afraid
  • fearful
  • terrified
  • petrified
  • horrified
  • worried
  • anxious
  • distraught
  • distressed
  • hot
  • boiling
  • burning up
  • cold
  • freezing
  • chilly
  • surprised
  • amazed
  • astonished
  • astounded
  • flabbergasted
  • bored
  • disinterested
  • sick and tired
  • proud
  • lonely
  • embarrassed
  • nervous
  • guilty
  • confused
  • disappointed
  • jealous
  • stressed

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Feelings And Emotions List

Feelings And Emotions In English With Pictures

Here is a list of feelings and emotions in English with pictures. Each picture groups the feeling words together with their synonyms. Along with these feelings and emotions words and pictures are some useful example sentences.

Feelings in English With Pictures
  • I am so happy right now.
  • I’m good, thanks. How are you?
  • I feel great after exercising.
  • You look very joyful today.
  • Kelly was delighted with her test score.
Feeling Words in English
  • I am sad that you are leaving.
  • I was very depressed when my dog died.
  • I feel down these days.
  • Chris was very unhappy with his test score.
  • Why are you so miserable these days?
emotions in English
  • Why are you so angry?
  • The teacher was very cross that I didn’t do my homework.
  • I get very frustrated when I don’t get what I want.
  • I am annoyed right now.
  • If I don’t drink coffee, I feel irritated.
Feelings in English
  • I feel sick.
  • I am poorly.
  • I feel a little under the weather today.
  • You look unwell. Are you okay?
  • James is ill so he will not be in class today.
tired synonyms
  • I am so tired after working all day.
  • I am sleepy because I went to bed late last night.
  • My medication has made me feel drowsy.
  • The test was very hard so I feel drained now.
  • You must worn out after that hike.
  • I need to sit down. I am exhausted.
feelings in English - Hot synonyms
  • Can you open the window, please? I feel very hot in here.
  • I’m boiling! Please turn on the fan.
  • I’m burning up. I think I must have a fever.
  • I feel cold. Can you pass the blanket, please?
  • I’m freezing! Please turn on the heater.
  • I’m a little chilly so I will put on my coat.
Feelings In English With Pictures
  • I’m hungry. What shall we eat for lunch?
  • I’m just a little peckish. I think I will just eat a snack for lunch.
  • I’m starving. I could eat a horse.
  • I’m famished. What’s for dinner?
feelings in English - Thirsty
  • I’m thirsty. Can you pour me a glass of water, please?
  • I feel dehydrated. I didn’t drink anything all day.
  • I am a little parched. I think I’ll drink some orange juice.
Feeling Words In English
  • I always feel scared when I watch scary movies on my own.
  • I am afraid of the dark.
  • Chris is fearful he will fail the test.
  • I was frightened when I thought I heard a ghost.
  • I am terrified of spiders.
  • I was petrified when I found a spider in my bed.
Emotion words in English
  • I was surprised to see so many people at my birthday party.
  • I was amazed when I saw fireworks for the first time.
  • I was astonished when I saw how well you can speak English.
  • I was astounded to see the beautiful view from the top of the mountain.

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