Useful CVC Words List

CVC Words List

A CVC words list is very useful for English teachers and learners. Kids and beginner English language learners need lots of practice when learning to read CVC words. However, as a teacher, it is hard to think of many CVC words off the top of your head. But, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Below you will find a list of CVC words covering the five short vowel sounds. You can also download these lists of CVC words as a printable PDF plus some CVC practice worksheets for students.

Before we look at the list of CVC words, you may be wondering ‘What are CVC words?’

CVC words are three-letter words consisting of a Consonant Vowel Consonant. CVC words are learned by new readers by sounding out and blending the three sounds together to make a simple word. After learning the basic letter sounds, learning to read CVC words is the next step when learning to read in English.

CVC Words List


  • _an: can, man, pan, ban, fan, ran, tan, van
  • _ad: dad, bad, sad, had, lad, mad, pad, tad, fad
  • _ap: cap, map, tap, gap, nap, sap, rap, yap, zap, lap
  • _ab: cab, jab, dab, gab, nab, lab, tab
  • _at: cat, bat, hat, fat, pat, mat, vat, rat, sat,
  • _am: dam, ram, ham, bam, jam, yam
  • _ag: tag, bag, lag, mag, nag, rag, gag, sag, hag, wag
  • _ax: tax, wax, max
  • _al: pal, gal
  • _as: gas


  • _et: jet, bet, met, let, net, pet, set, vet, wet, get
  • _ed: bed, red, wed, fed, zed
  • _en: den, hen, men, pen, ten
  • _eg: leg, peg, beg, keg
  • _em: gem, hem
  • _es: yes
  • _eb: web


  • _it: sit, kit, hit, fit, bit, wit
  • _ig: big, pig, dig, fig, gig, rig, wig, zig
  • _id: hid, did, bid, lid, rid, kid
  • _im: him, dim, rim
  • _ip: hip, lip, dip, nip, rip, sip, zip, tip
  • _in: fin, bin, sin, tin, win, din
  • _ix: fix, six, mix


  • _op: hop, cop, pop, top, mop, bop
  • _ot: pot, not, hot, lot, jot, cot, dot, got, tot, rot
  • _og: dog, jog, log, cog, fog, hog, bog
  • _ob: job, mob, sob, rob, cob, gob
  • _ox: fox, box, pox
  • _od: rod, sod
  • _om: mom


  • _um: sum, gum, hum, bum, mum, tum
  • _ut: cut, hut, but, nut, rut, gut, jut
  • _ug: hug, jug, rug, mug, tug, bug, dug, lug, pug
  • _un: fun, run, nun, bun, sun, pun, gun
  • _ud: bud, mud, cud, dud
  • _up: cup, pup
  • _us: bus

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