Action Verbs Game

Fun Action Verbs Game | English Vocabulary Game

This fun Action Verbs Game is great for teaching action verbs vocabulary in English. It is a ‘Hidden Picture’ style game in which students must guess the action verb before the picture is revealed. This activity is absolutely FREE. Simply show this video in class or online from this page or from YouTube. Action verbs included in this game are walk, run, read, write, jump, ride, laugh, cry, listen, and watch.

Action Verbs Game

How To Play

To play this game, simply show the video in class or online. There are ten pictures of action verbs hidden behind colored shapes. As the shapes slowly disappear, the picture is revealed. Students must try to guess what the action verb is.

There are several ways you can use this game. You can ask students to raise their hands when they are ready to guess and then pause the video. You can pause the video and ask students to write down their answers. Or you can ask students to just shout out the action verb as soon as they know the answer.


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