How's The Weather Game

How’s The Weather Game

This ‘How’s The Weather Game‘ is great for teaching English lessons about the weather and weather vocabulary. There are ten rounds, and in each round, students must guess the weather. They will see two options and must choose one. This activity is ideal for beginner English language learners to review weather vocabulary and how to ask and answer ‘How’s the weather?’ in English. As always, this activity is free to use in your classes. Simply play the video from this page or from YouTube.

How’s The Weather Game

How To Play

To play this game in class, simply show the video. There are ten rounds and each round asks students ‘How’s the weather?’ and show’s them two possible answers (for example, “It’s sunny”, “It’s rainy”). Students must choose ONE answer. To show which answer they chose, students can either write down their answer, call out their answer, move to one side of the room, etc. After 10 seconds the answer will be revealed. If the student guessed the weather correctly, then they get one point. Maximum 10 points.

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