Summer Quiz

Fun Summer Quiz – Top Five Answers

This fun summer quiz is a great activity to review lessons about summer, or when you just need a fun time filler activity. This summer quiz is a ‘Top Five Quiz’ in which students must write down one answer and if their answer is in the Top 5 answers, then they score points. As always, this activity is absolutely free to use in your lessons. Simply show the video from this page or from our YouTube Channel.

Fun Summer Quiz

How To Play

To play this quiz, simply play the video above. There are 10 summer quiz questions and each question has multiple possible answers. Students must write down ONE answer only. If their answer is one of the ‘Top Five’ answers, then they score points.

This activity can be played individually or in small teams/pairs. At the end of the quiz, the student/team with the most points is the winner. For a printable answer sheet, see the summer quiz PDF below.

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