Animals That Start With J

Animals That Start With J | List, Fun Facts, And A Free Worksheet

Animals that start with J! How many can you name? Below you’ll find an extensive list of animals starting with J, fun facts about each animal, and a free printable worksheet to help you learn or teach these animal names.

List Of Animals Starting With The Letter J

  1. Jaguar
  2. Jackal
  3. Jackdaw
  4. Jackrabbit
  5. Japanese Beetle
  6. Japanese Chin
  7. Japanese Macaque
  8. Japanese Terrier
  9. Java Sparrow
  10. Jay
  11. Jellyfish
  12. Jerboa
  13. Jindo (Korean Jindo Dog)
  14. Joanna (a type of parrot)
  15. Jojoba Mealybug
  16. John Dory (a type of fish)
  17. Jumper Ant
  18. Jumping Spider
  19. Jungle Cat
  20. Junglefowl
  21. Juniper Shield Bug
  22. Juvenile Snake Eel
  23. Jack Russel Terrier
  24. Jackalope (mythical)
  25. Jacana (a type of bird)
  26. Jack Spaniel
  27. Japanese Spider Crab
  28. Japanese Serow (a type of goat-antelope)
  29. Javan Rhinoceros
  30. Javan Myna (a type of starling)
  31. Javanese (a breed of domestic cat)
  32. Jeju Horse
  33. Jersey Cattle
  34. Jelly Nudibranch
  35. Jewel Beetle
  36. Jewel Fish
  37. Jack Dempsey Fish
  38. Junco (a type of small bird)
  39. Jaculus (a type of rodent)
  40. Java Mouse-deer
  41. Javelina (also known as peccary)
  42. Jersey Wooly (a breed of rabbit)
  43. Japanese Bantam (a breed of chicken)
  44. Jumbo Squid
  45. Javan Hawk-eagle
  46. Jaguarundi
  47. Japanese Hornet
  48. Japanese Squirrel
  49. Java Dove
  50. Japanese Pufferfish

Worksheet – Animals That Start With J

Animals That Start With J - Worksheet

This worksheet includes animals beginning with J with pictures. To complete the worksheet, you must match the animal name with the correct image. As always, this worksheet is FREE!

Fun Facts – Animals That Start With J


The Jaguar has the strongest bite of any big cat relative to its size. It can pierce through the shells of armored reptiles.


Jackals are monogamous and mate for life. They also work together in small groups to hunt and find food.


The Jackdaw is one of the smallest species of crow. They’re known for their intelligence and have been observed using tools.


Jackrabbits are actually hares, not rabbits. Hares have longer legs and ears than rabbits.

Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetles are invasive pests in North America. They are native to Japan and were first discovered in the United States in 1916.

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a dog breed that was traditionally kept by Japanese royalty. They are known for their distinctive ‘oriental’ look.

Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaques, or Snow Monkeys, are the northernmost living non-human primates. They are known for their habit of bathing in hot springs during the winter.

Japanese Terrier

The Japanese Terrier is a small, agile dog that was originally bred for ratting on ships.

Java Sparrow

The Java Sparrow is a popular pet bird due to its attractive plumage and song. It’s considered a pest in its native range because it feeds on cultivated grains.


There are many species of Jays, but all of them are known for their intelligence and complex social behavior. Some species can mimic the calls of other birds and even human speech.


Some species of jellyfish are biologically immortal, which means they don’t age and can revert their cells back to their earliest form.


Jerboas are rodents that have long hind legs and short forelegs, which allow them to jump high and run fast.

Jindo (Korean Jindo Dog)

The Jindo is a breed of hunting dog from Korea. They’re known for their loyalty and have even been observed returning to their owners over long distances.

Joanna (a type of parrot)

Joanna is another name for the Green Cheek Conure, a small parrot known for its playful personality and quiet nature.

Jojoba Mealybug

The Jojoba Mealybug is a pest that feeds on the jojoba plant. This bug is native to the American Southwest and northern Mexico.

John Dory (a type of fish)

The John Dory is a sea fish with a large, circular spot on its side. This spot is thought to confuse predators.

Jumper Ant

The Jumper Ant, native to Australia, is known for its painful sting and its unusual jumping behavior when threatened.

Jumping Spider

Jumping spiders can jump up to 50 times their own body length. They have excellent vision and use their jumping ability to pounce on their prey.

Jungle Cat

Despite its name, the Jungle Cat prefers to live in wetlands and swamps. They’re also not averse to human settlements and often live in agricultural areas.


The Red Junglefowl is the wild ancestor of the domestic chicken. It can still be found living in the wild in parts of Southeast Asia.

Juniper Shield Bug

The Juniper Shield Bug feeds on juniper and cypress trees. They’re most often found in gardens, parks, and other places where these trees are grown.

Juvenile Snake Eel

Juvenile Snake Eels are known for their snake-like appearance and burrowing behavior. They usually burrow into the sand or mud, leaving only their head visible.

Jack Russel Terrier

Jack Russel Terriers were originally bred for fox hunting. They’re known for

their high energy levels and intelligence.

Jackalope (mythical)

The Jackalope is a mythical animal of North American folklore. It’s described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns.

Jacana (a type of bird)

Jacanas are also known as ‘Jesus birds’ because they appear to walk on water. This is due to their long toes that spread their weight over a large area.

Jack Spaniel

The Jack Spaniel is a hybrid breed that’s a mix of a Jack Russell Terrier and a Cocker Spaniel. They’re known for their energy and friendly nature.

Japanese Spider Crab

The Japanese Spider Crab has the longest leg span of any arthropod, reaching up to 12 feet from claw to claw.

Japanese Serow (a type of goat-antelope)

The Japanese Serow is a goat-antelope native to Japan. They are considered a national treasure and are protected in the country.

Javan Rhinoceros

The Javan Rhinoceros is one of the most endangered mammals in the world. As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, there were only about 60 individuals left in the wild.

Javan Myna (a type of starling)

The Javan Myna is also known as the White-vented Myna. They are highly adaptive and have been introduced to many parts of the world.

Javanese (a breed of domestic cat)

Javanese cats are known for their long, slender bodies and distinctive triangular heads. Despite their name, they do not come from Java or any part of Indonesia. The breed was named for its supposed resemblance to the dancers of Java.

Jeju Horse

The Jeju Horse is a breed of horse native to Jeju Island in South Korea. They are the only horse breed native to Korea and are used for racing, riding, and even meat.

Jersey Cattle

Jersey Cattle are a small breed of dairy cattle known for the high butterfat content of their milk. They are originally from the Island of Jersey in the British Channel.

Jelly Nudibranch

Jelly Nudibranchs, or sea slugs, are named for their transparent bodies, which resemble jelly. They feed on hydroids and can retain the hydroids’ stinging cells for their own defense.

Jewel Beetle

Jewel Beetles are named for their glossy, iridescent colors. There are over 15,000 species, making them one of the largest beetle families.

Jewel Fish

Jewel Fish are a type of cichlid that’s popular in aquariums. They’re known for their bright, jewel-like colors and aggressive behavior.

Jack Dempsey Fish

The Jack Dempsey Fish is a type of cichlid that’s popular in aquariums. It’s named after the heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey due to its aggressive nature.

Junco (a type of small bird)

Juncos are small birds that are often seen in North America during the winter. They’re sometimes called “snowbirds” due to their sudden appearance in areas with snow.

Jaculus (a type of rodent)

The Jaculus, or Jerboa, is a rodent known for its long hind legs and ability to leap long distances. They are native to desert regions in Africa and Asia.

Java Mouse-deer

The Java Mouse-deer is one of the smallest hoofed animals in the world. Despite its name, it’s not a mouse but a type of deer.

Javelina (also known as peccary)

Javelinas are not pigs but are members of the peccary family. They are native to the Americas and are known for their strong odor.

Jersey Wooly (a breed of rabbit)

The Jersey Wooly is a breed of rabbit known for its long, fluffy fur and gentle nature. They’re popular as pets and show animals.

Japanese Bantam (a breed of chicken)

The Japanese Bantam is a small breed of chicken known for its short, clean legs and large, upright tail.

Jumbo Squid

The Jumbo Squid, also known as the Humboldt Squid, is a large, predatory squid that can grow up to 1.5 meters in length. They’re known for their aggressive behavior and have been known to attack divers.

Javan Hawk-eagle

The Javan Hawk-eagle is the national bird of Indonesia. It’s endangered due to deforestation and hunting.


Jaguarundis are small wild cats native to the Americas. They have an unusually long body, short legs, and a small head, making them look more like mustelids (weasels, otters) than cats.

Japanese Hornet

The Japanese Hornet is the largest species of hornet in the world. It’s known for its painful sting, which can be lethal to people who are allergic.

Japanese Squirrel

The Japanese Squirrel is a species of tree squirrel endemic to Japan. They are mainly herbivorous and spend most of their lives in trees.

Java Dove

Java Doves, also known as Java Sparrows, are popular pet birds known for their distinctive grey and white plumage and pink beak.

Japanese Pufferfish

The Japanese Pufferfish, or Fugu, is a delicacy in Japan but must be prepared carefully. If prepared incorrectly, it can be deadly due to the tetrodotoxin it contains.

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