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The ESL worksheets on this page can be used in English lessons about clothes / clothing.

All of these clothes worksheets are absolutely free and come in PDF format. 

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ESL Worksheets About Clothes

Worksheet 1: Clothes Vocabulary Writing Practice

This worksheet for beginners includes 12 clothes words and students must write each word 3 times. 

This writing worksheet is great for kids and beginner ESL students to practice writing and spelling clothes vocabulary. 

Worksheet 2: Unscramble The Word

In this worksheet students should unscramble the letters to make a word. Then students should draw a line to connect the clothing vocabulary to the correct clothes picture.

This is good for kids and beginner ESL students.

Worksheet 3: Jumbled up Sentences

In this worksheet students should rearrange the words to make the correct sentence about clothes. 

Key expressions include ‘Put on your (hat).’, ‘Take off your (jacket).’, ‘He/She is wearing a (T-shirt).’, etc.

Worksheet 4: Find somebody Who Is Wearing...

This worksheet is based on the classroom game ‘Find somebody who…’

Students should walk around the class and talk to their friends about what they are wearing. 

Then they should complete the table with their friends’ names and the items of clothing they are wearing.

Worksheet 5: Clothes Bingo

This bingo worksheet to teach clothes vocabulary can be used for many variations of bingo. 

Simply instruct students to cut out the clothes and arrange them in a 3×3 bingo grid. 

Then call out the clothes vocabulary using the target language. For example, ‘I am wearing a (hat).’, ‘She is wearing a (skirt).’, etc. 

Students should then turn over that clothes picture. Once students have turned over 3 in a line, they have 1 bingo line. The first student to get 1/2/3 bingo lines is the winner. 

Worksheet 6: Battleships Game

This worksheet is based on the ‘Battleships’ activity. 

Students should fill in the grid with 10 clothes words without showing their partner. These clothes words are the students’ ‘Battleships’.

Then students will take turns trying to find their partner’s battleships by calling out coordinates. 

When a student finds one of the battle ships their partner must make a sentence using the clothes vocabulary in that square. For example, ‘I am wearing a blue shirt.’

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