Clothes Lesson Plan

Clothes Lesson Plan

In this clothes lesson plan, students will learn the names of clothes in English and practice speaking about different types of clothes. Students will also play a fun guessing game, and complete a worksheet to review the names of clothes in English. This clothes lesson plan is ideal for kids and beginner English language learners and is complete with all the materials you need.

Clothes Lesson Plan

1. Warm Up

A fun way to start your clothes lesson is to listen to a clothes song. We particularly like this clothes song by The Singing Walrus. Play the song in class and ask students to try and remember the names of the clothes that they hear. After listening, ask students what words they can remember, write them on the board, and then ask students what other clothes they know. This is a great way to activate the students’ existing knowledge of clothes and clothes vocabulary.

2. Introduce The Key Words

Show students these clothes flashcards and ask them to repeat after you. Next, ask students to try and say each word on their own. Once students have had enough practice, you can play a fun flashcard game to practice some more.

Attach the clothes flashcards to the board and then give students 5 seconds to memorize the location of each of the cards. Next, ask students to close their eyes and remove one or two cards from the board. Then, tell students to open their eyes and ask them “What’s missing?“.

3. Clothes Guessing Game

Now that students have learned the names of different clothes in English, it’s time to play a fun guessing game. To play, simply show the above video in class. There are 10 rounds and in each round students will see an outline of an item of clothing. Students must guess what item of clothing it is before the timer runs out. For more fun games to teach clothes in English, check out these 5 Fun Activities To Teach Clothes Vocabulary.

4. Pair Work – Board Game

Clothes Board Game

Next, it’s time for students to work in pairs and practice asking and answering about clothes while playing a fun board game. Download and print this clothes board game and give one to each pair of students. Each student will also need an eraser or something small to act as their game piece.

The aim of the game is for students to ‘race around the world’ and the first student to do so is the winner. One student will move their game piece clockwise, and one student will move their game piece anti-clockwise.

To begin, students should place their game piece where it says ‘start’ and then play Rock, Scissors, Paper. The winner then gets to move their game piece one square. At this point, the students should have a dialogue based on the picture in that square. For example, one student could ask “What are you wearing?” and the other student could answer “I’m wearing a t-shirt.“, etc.

5. Worksheet

Clothes Worksheet

Next, to reinforce what they have learned, students will complete a worksheet. Download and print this worksheet and give one to each student. To complete this worksheet students should look at the picture, find the correct item of clothing name in the box, and then write it in the blank space. For early finishers or higher-level students, you can find more clothes worksheets here.

6. Review

Finally, it’s time to review. A super fun way to review a clothes lesson with kids is to play the game ‘Simon Says’ with the expression “Put on your (hat)“. Show students how to mime putting on different items of clothing and practice several times.

Next, tell students to follow your instructions only when you say “Simon says…“, first. For example, if you say “Simon says put on your hat.”, then the students should mime putting on a hat. But if you just say “Put on your hat.” then students should not do the action. Any student that follows your instructions when you didn’t say “Simon says…” is out and must sit down. The last student standing is the winner.

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