Comparative Adjectives Lesson Plan

Comparative Adjectives Lesson Plan

Teaching comparatives? Then check out this comparative adjectives lesson plan. In this lesson, students will learn how to compare two things using comparative adjectives. Students will first listen to a comparative song, and then they will learn how to change an adjective into its comparative form. Following that, students will play a fun game and complete a worksheet to practice comparing things in English.

All the materials you will need for this lesson, including PowerPoints and worksheets, are provided in the box below. Check the bottom of the page for more resources for teaching comparative adjectives that are not included in this lesson plan.

Comparative Adjectives Lesson Plan

This lesson is for beginner English language learners and is suitable for kids and teenagers.

Warm Up And Introduction

A great way to start any lesson about comparatives is with a fun comparatives song. The song ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger‘ by Daft Punk is great for this, but there are many great songs with comparatives. Play the song and ask students to try and remember the words that end in ‘er‘. Write these words on the board.

Next, explain to students that these kinds of words are used to compare two things and demonstrate with an example. A great way to do this is to elicit the adjective ‘tall‘ and invite two students to the front of the class. Have the students stand back to back to check their height, and then ask the class to identify which student is taller. Then do the same with the adjective ‘short‘.

Teach Comparative Adjectives

Comparatives Lesson

Once students have an understanding that comparatives are used to compare two things, it’s time to teach students how to change adjectives into the comparative form. The way you form comparative adjectives depends on the spelling of the word and whether or not it is a regular or an irregular adjective. Learning how to form comparatives can be a little confusing for students at first, but this comparatives PowerPoint presentation will help you to explain this to students.

Practice Making Comparative Sentences

Next, it’s time for students to practice making comparative sentences. A super fun way to do this is by using the above comparatives quiz. There are 10 questions, and each question asks students to compare two things and answer using comparative adjectives. For example, “A motorbike is faster than a cheetah.”

Practice More With A Worksheet

Comparative Adjectives Worksheets

Next, it’s time to reinforce what students have learned with a fun worksheet. Download and print this comparatives exercise worksheet and give one to each student. The worksheet consists of 15 comparative sentences with the adjective missing. Students must write the correct comparative adjective in the blank space to complete the sentence.

Review Game: Comparative Olympics

Before wrapping up this comparatives lesson, it’s important to review what students have learned. Using the same PowerPoint as before, review with students how to change adjectives into the adjective form and how to make comparative sentences. Then, if you still have time, you can play the fun review game ‘Comparative Olympics’.

To play, write some adjectives on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl or some kind of container. Next, invite two students up to the front and have one of them choose an adjective at random from the container. Then compare the two students using that adjective. For example, if the students choose the adjective ‘tall’ then compare the two students’ heights and ask the class, “Who is taller?”. If the adjective is ‘fast’, then you can have a spelling race and ask the class, “Who is faster?” and so on.

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